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PEople pRoximity based on Certified and coOperative VIDeo-intelligence

Control, Management and Virtual Monitoring in Live Streaming of People's Mobility

In defense of citizens’ health since the spread of the Covid-19 Virus. Providing real time analysis of gatherings, social distance, body temperature and the detection of Personal Protection tools.


The platform is developed with unique Artificial Intelligence algorithms that boast many intrinsic and highly useful potentials to support companies and businesses.

PER-COVID is a Computer Vision solution, developed entirely in Vicosystems' research labs

Our system detects people's behavior, generating statistical data that can be used for many purposes and is capable of sending appropriate emergency alerts. It operates in Cloud mode with intelligent cameras, whether they are installed or to be installed, it detects people's behavior, generating statistical data and appropriate emergency alerts.

Indoor and Outdoor Security System

Video Intelligence - video surveillance - system for monitoring and controlling internal and external areas, programmable in terms of day and time of detection of unauthorized persons, and sending of Alerts in real time to the relevant emergency intervention bodies.

Local Marketing Analytics

Monitoring and Analysis of Commercial Venues and Exhibition Spaces ; for shopping centers, department stores, shops, in order to optimize operational marketing and product sales activities.

Access Management and Control

Real-time Protected Area monitoring system, able to read license plates, badges, control and verify Authorized Personnel, provides footfall data counting people entering and exiting the monitoring area as well as those in the background.

Behavioral Video Analysis

Solution for analyzing behavior of crowds of people in squares, in areas of greatest concentration (schools, hospitals, parking lots, etc ...), in streets with high traffic, in port areas and unattended territories.

For industry 4.0

PER-COVID increases efficiency in complex production companies. It offers predictive maintenance: sees, detects and files the appearance of objects and changes in an image or video for example to avoid machine stops by intervening on possible failures or malfunctions. Track the movements and displacements of an object


The PER-COVID platform offers multiple application modes in both the public and private sectors. Born from the need to respond to the Covid pandemic by containing the spread of the Virus, it offers many uses, regardless of the presence or absence of the Virus itself, to protect investments.


In any public or private environment, thanks to our Artificial Intelligence Video algorithms, it is possible to detect a series of Video and Statistical Data that allows you to Control, Monitor any supervision needs with Indoor and Outdoor Live Streaming.



We reserve our customers a chance to customize suitable design solutions for the best cost / benefit ratio.

Each PER-COVID funcion can be carried out both with IP cameras supplied by Vico Systems with relative installation, configuration and technical assistance, and also on any functioning third-party system in place.

The configuration is implemented according to the specific needs of the customer. For each project carried out, technical assistance is provided, song with support for using the system for the entire duration of the Service.

Choose the PER-COVID platform and you can always keep your business open while protecting your safety and that of others!




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for over 10 years we have been researching, developing and designing solutions in the field of Information & Communication Technology. Thanks to continuous investments in Resources and Innovation, today we are among the most advanced technology leaders in the Computer Vision sector, IoT and, more generally, in the application of Smart IP Communication Systems.
The versatility of our skills and professional specializations, accrued over the years, allow us of Vico Systems to effectively respond to the increasingly stringent requirements for Innovation and Digital Applications.

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